Custody Battle

Fr. Dave and Deacon Bob talk about Bob’s first week as a deacon, Thanksgiving, Christmas shopping, decorating the Christmas tree (yes, even the friars...View Details


Fr. Dave and DEACON BOB (hurray!) talk about Bob’s ordination, the Rittenhouse trial, Veggie Tales music, and the meaning of Thanksgiving.

Relative Envy

Fr. Dave and Bob talk about Top Gun, the U.S. Bishops’ Conference (where Bob is recording from), and the feast of Christ the King.

Spiritual Warfare

Bob and Fr. Dave have a great conversation about spiritual attack and St. (Mother) Frances Cabrini.  Bob shares why this is one of his favorite “sport...View Details

Fr. Dave shares where he was last week and why he hasn’t been watching the World Series. He and Bob talked about Halloween, the challenge of educating...View Details

Bob, Solo

Bob talks about his weekend in Tampa, accepting God’s will in tough circumstances, and the virtue of hope.  Fr. Dave just keeps saying, “Baseball.”


Fr. Dave and Bob talk about baseball, broken guitars, St. John Paul II, and fasting with joy.

At the Movies

Fr. Dave and Bob talk about sports and movies, finding peace amidst the busyness, and what they love about St. John XXIII and Vatican II.

Sleep Deprivation

This time, it is Bob’s turn to be exhausted. He visited his son at (REDACTED) college over the weekend, while Fr. Dave celebrated Homecoming Weekend a...View Details

Plethora of Saints

Fr. Dave needs more sleep. After talking about sports (and Bob’s dog), they discuss the Women’s Health Protection Act, the importance of standing up f...View Details

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