Thy Will Be Done

Fr. Dave and Dcn. Bob apologize to the sports teams they cursed by rooting for them. They also discuss graduation, replica diplomas, and what it means...View Details

Thy Kingdom Come

Dcn. Bob gives a spoiler-free review of the new Doctor Strange movie and explains why he shaved his head. He and Fr. Dave discuss the leaked majority ...View Details

Hallowed Be Thy Name

It must be spring because Fr. Dave and Dcn. Bob break into song a lot this episode. Fr. Dave seems unaware that sports other than baseball are being p...View Details

Fr. Dave and Dcn. Bob begin their series on the Our Father. They also discuss doing parish missions, Disney World, and apologize for jinxing the Phoen...View Details

Happy Easter 2022!

Though the Cavaliers didn’t make the playoffs and the Nationals have lost three of their last four games, Fr. Dave and Dcn. Bob have their hope in Jes...View Details

Lent: Love

Fr. Dave and Dcn. Bob are excited about Holy Week! They discuss basketball (go Cavs!), baseball (go Nats!), and the triduum (go Jesus!). They also ans...View Details

Lent: Hope

Grogu has been rescued from Castle Grayskull!  Fr. Dave and Bob also discuss NCAA basketball, Dr. Jordan Peterson’s visit to campus, and how the virtu...View Details

Lent: Faith

Now, it is Fr. Dave’s turn to be in Arizona, and he and Dcn. Bob finally figure out Daylight Saving Time. Other topics include sports, the Oscars, Our...View Details

Fr. Dave is in Austria, Dcn. Bob just got back from Arizona, and neither of them knows what time is. They discuss basketball, how Mass is more than a ...View Details

Lent: Justice

Between Brady “un-retiring” and the baseball strike being over, it’s amazing Fr. Dave and Dcn. Bob find time to talk about anything else. But they man...View Details

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