Fr. Dave and Bob talk about family memories, drive-in movies, favorite foods, and reasons to be thankful as we enter into Advent.

Rice, Bob Rice

Fr. Dave reflects on the death of his brother, Bob shares about how excited he was to become an acolyte, and they both talk about having hope in the C...View Details

Where Is Your Sting?

Fr. Dave’s older brother passed away last weekend. Fr. Dave and Bob talk about finding hope in the midst of pain and suffering.   About “They That Hop...View Details

What Is Nougat?

Fr. Dave and Bob talk about keeping our eyes fixed on heaven (especially when things are crazy on earth) and how important it is for families to pass ...View Details

Birthing 101

Fr. Dave and Bob talk about the miracle of life (and how Bob thinks it is gross), the challenges and blessings of families, scary movies, sad movies, ...View Details

Fr. Dave and Bob talk about finding hope in movies, how disagreements need not lead to division, and a fun story about when Fr. Dave met St. John Paul...View Details

Flavor Town

Bob shares a hopeful story about how a congressman changed his life, Fr. Dave talks about being reconciled with our past (both as a country and with o...View Details

Bob shares about how he encountered Jesus, Fr. Dave talks about how St. Francis encountered Jesus in a leper, and they both talk about how to encounte...View Details

Let the Friar Fall

In this episode, you learn that Bob knows a lot about movies, Fr. Dave knows a lot about politics, and neither of them know anything about chess. Fr. ...View Details

A Jar of Roses

In their first podcast, Fr. Dave and Bob talk about the beautiful friendship between Justices Scalia and Ginsburg, the meaning of Christian hope, and ...View Details